Brief History on CADAC

"In early 1948, in the hustle and bustle of the “gold mining camp” that was Johannesburg, two brothers started up the “Consumer and Domestic Appliance Company”. This became CADAC!

Their ambition was to make products for the burgeoning consumers of the 50’s. Soon they were making “cooking, heating, lighting” products fired from LP gas and this soon included BBQ’s. Our South African heritage and traditions were the great outdoors, and to braai. This was CADAC then, and this is still CADAC today.

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CADAC And The Braai Life

CADAC is your BBQ companion on the patio, balcony, garden, caravan site, picnic or beach. You will create exciting dishes on our BBQs. “Braaiing” (as South Africans call it) is not just about grilling a hamburger.

From grilling, to baking, paella-pan cooking, teppanyaki-style cooking, oven-style cooking and roasting, you are welcome to the world of CADAC and come and “Live the Braai Life”.

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